Post Surgery Care and Recovery Options

Planning your recovery after an operation is important and should be thought about before the surgery takes place. After having any kind of surgery, a patient will be weak and it will take a while to get back to their normal strength. This is why aftercare and treatment options are needed to encourage a gradually recovery and regained independence.

Home Care

If you want to return home after your surgery then there is the option of home care teams that can come to visit as many times per day or week that is deemed necessary. The home care team can include nurses which can help with medication, physiotherapy and general health issues. There will also be other carers available that can aid in any regular day to day tasks such as cooking, shopping, cleaning and more. Home care teams can be organised through the hospital you are registered with or privately.

Convalescent Care

Convalescent care homes are a great way to slowly recover in comfortable surroundings and with 24 hour support available. Readjust to independent living gradually with convalescent care in Worthing or check your local area for options. As well as care and support with daily tasks, there are also nurses available to help with any health problems, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Patients can stay in these homes for as long as is necessary until they feel strong and independent enough to return home and follow their normal schedule.


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