Other Uses For Porcelain

Have you ever thought of what you could use porcelain tiles for? These tiles have many uses. If you are renovating or designing a new kitchen, then why not look to using porcelain tiles. They are suitable for use on counter tops as well as being worthy of a place on the floor. Porcelain designer tiles are both water and fire resistant so this makes them an ideal choice for the kitchen.

Other places where porcelain tiles can be used are in a water fountain, or a birdbath and being water resistant they are a very good choice for this kind of feature. You may like to add them to other parts of the garden such as planters, and the porcelain tile is also suitable for driveways.

If you like craft work, then there is plenty of scope for the use of porcelain tiles in this kind of hobby. Think vases, jewellery boxes, small coffee tables it’s just imagination that holds a hobby like this back.

The designs and colours of porcelain tiles are quite stunning, as there seems to be an endless variety to choose from. If you have a particular idea in mind where you want to add these tiles to a project, then some of the choices may include animal printed tiles, another is the Talavera tile, there is the retro look, and many modern styles.

Another thing to look at is whether your project would benefit from either a clear or full colour glaze. The full colour glaze has a more intense look due to the colour extending into the tile itself. The clear tile has the colour in the upper portion. Colour glaze tiles are designed to be hardier than the other clear type so naturally this makes them more resistant to wearing.

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