Best Tips For Bathing A Baby

The bathing of a baby in a Villeroy Bathrooms can be safe, but there are a few simple tips to keep it safe.

  • Never leave a baby alone when they are in water no matter how deep. The baby will immediately gasp if its face goes into the water and by sucking water into its lungs it’ll drown. Being young it will have difficulty coughing the water back out. This can happen in a couple of inches of water.
  • Have everything needed for the baby before beginning the bath.
  • Never bath a baby in a cold room, the child may get a chill.
  • Finish filling the bathwater to a couple of inches before putting the baby in, as water temperature can change while filling. Make sure the water temperature is correct before bathing the baby.
  • For toddlers use a rubber mat on the bottom of the bath so they don’t slip. A cover over the spout will also help. Teaching a toddler to leave the faucets alone will minimise burns when the child is strong enough to finally turn a faucet on.
  • Teach baby to sit as much as possible in the bath, this can help minimise falls.
  • Use a mild soap designed for babies and wash well around the diaper area. Also wash where there are skin folds, especially under the neck where food can collect and cause bacteria to breed, making the skin red, sore and smelly. Treat these areas when baby is dry with a baby ointment suitable for bacteria.
  • Use a baby shampoo for the hair being careful to keep it out of the eyes.
  • Bubble baths can irritate a baby’s skin, save them for when the child is an older toddler.
  • And finally keep all electrical appliances out of reach.

Keeping your baby safe has never been so easy, so always keep this in mind when bathing your baby.

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